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Consumer Fraud

Indian Arts and Crafts Act

Shop Wisely … Tips for Buying

  • When purchasing from a dealer, choose one with a good reputation
  • Request a written guarantee or written verification of authenticity
  • Get a receipt that includes all the vital information about your purchase, including price, maker, and maker’s Tribal affiliation
  • Familiarize yourself with the different materials and types of American Indian arts and crafts, as well as the indicators of a well-made, handcrafted piece

Consumer Guide for Young Adults

Becoming a young adult when you turn 18 is a memorable milestone in anyone’s life. But with that change comes great responsibility. And you are no less vulnerable to predatory practices that target your finances, your identity and your personal safety. You need to be well-informed and prepared.

Charity Scams: Get The Facts

When disaster strikes, or when people in need ask for help; that is when the good in people comes to light. Unfortunately, there aretimes when calls for charitable assistance bring out the worst in some people.

That is why, as your Attorney General, it is my job to help keep you informed and empowered to protect yourself from criminal predators.

Avoiding Loan Modification and Foreclosure Scams

Don’t Be A Victim!

The possibility of losing your home can leave you feeling not only frightened, but it can also make you vulnerable to predatory scams. You need to be informed about your rights and learn ways to protect yourself.

If you don’t take measures to protect yourself from predatory loan modification scams, your credit history, personal finances and your home’s equity can all be seriously endangered.

Arizona Foreclosure Information Workbook

A Tool to Educate Homeowners About the Foreclosure Process 

Presented by the
Arizona Foreclosure Prevention Task Force
to the Citizens of Arizona


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