Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



State v. Jose Antonio Morgan et al

In January, 2012, after a wiretap investigation supported by the Section, police executed simultaneous search and arrest warrants on suspected members of the drug trafficking organization and their stash houses. This criminal enterprise smuggled large amounts of marijuana and cocaine into the United States through the Nogales Port of Entry using tracker trailer dump trucks with scrap metal as cover, vehicles with hidden compartments, and backpackers, then smuggled large amounts of U.S. currency back into Mexico. Once in the United States, the marijuana and cocaine was being stored at various stash houses in the Nogales, Rio Rico, Tucson, and Phoenix areas. The organization has been responsible for smuggling over 19.1 kilograms of cocaine and 2,952 pounds of marijuana into the United States with a street value estimated to be between $2,631,600 and $2,126,400. Of the 15 defendants indicted, 14 were arrested. Prosecution is on-going.