Western Union

Cutting off the Illegal Cash Flow

$94 Million Settlement to Aid Law Enforcement in Fighting Border Crime

The most effective method of combating smuggling is to block the flow of funds to the organized criminal cartels that seek to profit from Arizona’s porous border. The Attorney General’s Office has aggressively pursued these “blood wires” sent through Western Union and other money transmitters. In doing so, it has successfully moved millions of dollars in smuggling proceeds out of Arizona. The Attorney General reached an unprecedented $94 million settlement with Western Union which will provide substantial new resources for law enforcement authorities in the four Southwest border states to combat illegal activity along the entire U.S.-Mexico border. 

Phoenix, AZ (Monday, February 3, 2014) – For the first time in history and as the result of a recently amended settlement agreement, Western Union and Arizona will take unprecedented and cooperative steps to combat money laundering. This includes Western Union’s commitment to continue to implement a series of anti-money laundering recommendations. By forging this cooperative and major undertaking, Arizona will be far better positioned to protect its citizens from border violence, gun running, and human and narcotic smuggling along the southwest border.

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