Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich




Allen operated “Christian Credit Consultants” which advertised in local community churches as a debt-management business promising to help “negotiate your debt and pay off your debt at substantially reduced values.” The Defendant made no attempt either to pay the victims’ debts or to negotiate debt on their behalf and, instead, that he defrauded known victims of over $267,000. At sentencing after guilty pleas, the State emphasized the Defendant’s abuse of his religious affiliation and his manipulation of his victims’ religious fellowship, and that many victims still were struggling with the devastating financial fallout resulting from the fraud. Despite the Defendant’s efforts to mitigate his conduct, the trial court followed the State’s recommendation and sentenced Allen to a total of 13.5 years: an aggravated 12.5 year term on the first fraud count to be followed by a consecutive one-year jail sentence and probation on the second fraud count.