Western Union Settlement

In November 2017 a settlement was reached in the case Tennille v. Western Union Company, a class action brought to challenge Western Union’s practice of failing to timely notify customers of failed money transfers and of holding customer money for years while accruing interest and charging administrative fees. A distribution was made to Western Union’s customers who were class members in the litigation, but a portion of those customers did not receive their distribution.

The Arizona Attorney General secured Arizona’s portion of the remaining class action funds in order to make a payment to the customers who did not receive their distribution from the class action settlement. A.B. Data has been hired to act as the settlement administrator to locate customers and distribute payments to them. Only those customers who were identified in the prior class action and did not receive their distribution are eligible to receive a distribution in this action.

For more information, please contact the settlement Administrator toll-free at 1-800-949-0148 or email help@abdataclassaction.com.

Contact Information

Arizona Western Union Settlement Administrator
Post Office Box 173066
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53217

Office of the Arizona Attorney General
Consumer Protection and Advocacy Section
2005 N. Central Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona  85004