Filing a Complaint

Persons with information regarding an employer who may be in violation of the law may file a complaint with the County Attorney in the county where the unauthorized alien is or was working, or with the Attorney General’s Office.

When filing your complaint, it is important to note the following:

  • You need to provide information supporting the allegation that an employer has knowingly or intentionally violated the law by hiring an unauthorized alien worker.
  • You need evidence that the workers are not legally authorized to work in this country, and that the employer hired them knowingly or intentionally. The law states that complaints based solely on race, color or national origin shall not be investigated.
  • The complaint form available on this Web site requires your signature and contact information because investigating anonymous complaints is often more difficult and time-consuming, particularly if any follow-up information is needed. The law states that anonymous complaints are not prohibited, but if you make an anonymous complaint, your complaint may or may not be investigated.
  • Since the complaint is a public record, it is possible that your name could at some point be made public. 

Your complaint will be reviewed by the office with which you file the complaint. Each County Attorney’s office is likely to have its own procedures for investigating complaints, but if additional information is required, most likely you will be contacted by the investigator who has been assigned to look into the complaint. It is difficult to estimate how much time the investigation may require.  

Click here to download the complaint form.