Arizona Attorney General

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Referral Numbers

While the Child and Family Protection Division cannot provide legal advice or representation to the public, resources available to the public are listed below.

Specific Issue Agency, Office or Board Phone Number(s)
Adoption Department of Economic Security (DES) Adoption Services 602.255.5437
Adult Care Facilities – Complaints Department of Health Services 602.674.9775
Adult Day Care DHS Assisted Living 602.674.9775
Adult Programs DES Aging and Adult Programs 602.542.4446
Adult Protection DES Adult Protective Service 602.255.0996
Aid for Dependent Children (AFDC) DES Division of Children, Youth and Families 602.264.1360
Advocacy for Children Governor's Division for Children 602.542.1227
Advocacy for Children Supreme Court – Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) 602.542.9400
Child Abuse - Reporting Child Abuse Hotline (DES) 888.767.2445
Child Protection DES Child Protective Services (CPS) 602.542.3873
Child Care DES Child Care 602.255.3729 
Child Labor Arizona State Labor Department 602.542.4515
Child Support DES Child Support Enforcement 602.252.4045 
Consumer Protection and Advocacy Attorney General - Consumer Protection and Advocacy 602.542.5763 
Crisis Assistance DES Division of Aging & Community Services 602.542.6600 
Domestic Violence Assistance DES Division of Aging & Community Services 602.542.6600 
Domestic Violence Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence 602.279.2900 
Food Stamps DES Food Stamp Assistance 602.542.9935 
Foster Parenting DES Foster Parent Recruitment 602.255.5437
General Family Assistance DES Family Assistance Program 602.542.3148
Health Insurance for Children Kids Care 602.417.5437 
Health Insurance, Low Income Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) 602.417.5437 
Homeless Assistance DES Division of Aging and Community Service 602.542.6600
Judicial Conduct Complaints State Commission on Judicial Conduct 602.542.5200
Inmate Family Assistance Department of Corrections Family Assistance Program 602.542.3148 
Pregnancy/breast feeding hotline Department of Health Services 602.364.1400 
Program for Pregnant Women (SOBRA) DES Division of Benefits and Medical Eligibility 602.542.9935 
Vital Records (birth and death) DHS Office of Vital Records 602.364.1300

If what you are looking for is not on this list, please call (602) 542-1645 for additional assistance.