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As Arizona´s Attorney General, one of my highest priorities is to protect Arizona´s youngest consumers, our future leaders. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to provide unique opportunities that will increase awareness of consumer and marketplace issues. I encourage every high school student to participate in the LifeSmarts Experience..

LifeSmarts 2006 Champs

Arizona's 2010 National Competition LifeSmarts Team (from left to right): Jordy Shute, Christopher Carsey, Emily Bearchell (Captain), Teresa Bearchell (Assistant Coach), Jennifer Bearchell (Coach), Reanna Toenjes, Scott Bearchell) LifeSmarts Champions from Flagstaff Home Educators

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(From left to right) Scott Bearchell, Jordan Shute, Moriah Parks, Grant Wiseman, Aaron Parks. Not pictured: Coach Jennifer Bearchell and Assistant Coach Emily Bearchell


(From left to right): Emily Bearchell, Assistant Coach; Scott Bearchell, Jordan Shute, Team Captain; Moriah Parks, Grant Wiseman, Aaron Parks, and Jennifer Bearchell, Coach .

LifeSmarts, What Is It?

LifeSmarts, the ultimate consumer challenge, is an educational program that develops the consumer and marketplace skills of teenagers in a fun way and rewards them for their knowledge. This program complements any high school curriculum and can be used as a learning activity for classes, groups, clubs, and community organizations.

LifeSmarts is free and open to all students in grades 9 through 12. The participation of special needs students, exchange students, alternative schools, work study groups, home school groups, clubs, and community organizations is encouraged and welcomed.

Together, students form teams of five or more with an adult sponsor as the coach. They take an online quiz individually and are scored as a group. LifeSmarts competitions are run in game show style. The winner of the online competition in Arizona is eligible to compete in the national competition. The national competitions are held in different cities around the United States providing teens and coaches with the opportunity to see and learn about different areas of the country.

This program will teach young Arizona consumers to be smart and responsible consumers and citizens. The competition questions focus on five key areas that are essential for teens to know to effectively function in today’s marketplace:

  • Consumer Rights / Responsibilities
  • Personal Finance
  • Health and Safety
  • The Environment
  • Technology

In Arizona, the Arizona Attorney General’s Office is the sponsor for LifeSmarts in Arizona.

How To Get Started

Arizona Attorney General LifeSmarts

Just follow a few easy steps and start playing LifeSmarts today for your chance to participate in the National Competition.

Check out the LifeSmarts site to register as a player, coach, or as a team!

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