Border Security

No nation can sustain itself unless it is able to secure its borders and thus protect its citizens. The story of those who immigrate to the United States through legal means is vital to our history. But the crisis of confronting those who break our laws to come to this country must be addressed more vigorously.

Attorney General Tom Horne is committed to enforcing the Arizona law commonly known as S.B. 1070, which codifies existing federal immigration enforcement law into state statute. Enforcement of this and all immigration laws is an essential function of the Arizona Attorney General’s office.

Law enforcement has the responsibility to protect the public from predators. And whether those predators are part of an organized cartel or a single criminal, they must be stopped.

Securing the international border is an essential function of the federal government and it is clear by the growing incidents of smuggling of drugs and humans, increased amount of violence and the continued flow of illegal immigrants, that the current level of federal enforcement is inadequate.

Attorney General Horne is working with state, county and local law enforcement in partnership to tackle this crisis. He will also use his position to help pressure the federal government to do its job. Among his priorities are:

●   Enforce all existing immigration laws, including S.B. 1070, without exception.
●   Supporting the establishment of permanent Forward Operating Bases every 12 miles. 
●   Increase the amount of double-fencing along the border.
●   Empower local law enforcement to adjust policies to enforce existing immigration enforcement laws.

Attorney General Horne will work with the United States Congress and the Arizona Legislature to toughen border security laws, obtain funding for security initiatives including the efforts of state, local and county law enforcement, and prosecute criminal activities to the fullest extent of the law.