Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



2013 AG Opinions

Date Description
December 2, 2013 No. I13-012 (R13-018)
Re: Charging Copying Fees Under Arizona's Public Records Law
October 7, 2013 No. I13-011 (R13-016)
Re: Voter Registration
September 25, 2013 No. I13-010 (R13-012)
Re: Preemption of Tucson Ordinances
September 18, 2013 No. I13-009 (R13-014)
Re: Lobbying
August 29, 2013 No. I13-008 (R13-013)
Re: Effect of Shelby County on Withdrawn Preclearance Submissions
August 27, 2013 No. I13-007 (R13-015) (Amended 10-02-2013)
No. I13-007 (R13-015)
Re: Campaign Finance
August 21, 2013 No. I13-006 (R13-011)
Re: Campaign Finance
July 23, 2013 No. I13-005 (R13-009)
Re: Participation of Non-Traditional Teachers in a School's Classroom Site Fund Performance Pay Plan
July 23, 2013 No. I13-004 (R13-008)
Re: House Bill 2178 and Gift Clauses of the Arizona Constitution
July 12, 2013 No. I13-003 (R13-005)
Re: Vacancy in the Legislature
July 11, 2013 No. I13-002 (R13-007)
Re: Financial Treatment of Charter School Pupils at a District-Sponsored Charter School
July 11, 2013 No. I13-001 (R13-006)
Re: Board of Technical Registration with Regulating the Alarm Industry