Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



2008 AG Opinions

Date Description
December 30, 2008 No. I08-013 (R07-031)
Re: Application of One-Person, One-Vote Requirement of U.S. Constitution to Joint Technological Education District Elections
December 18, 2008 No. I08-012 (R08-047)
Re: Average Daily Membership Calculation and Concurrent Enrollment
December 12, 2008 No. I08-011 (R08-017)
Re: Statutes Requiring Paving or Stabilization of Parking Lots and Driveways as Air Pollution Control Measures
December 12, 2008 No. I08-010 (R08-026)
Re: Cancellation of Contracts Pursuant to A.R.S. § 38-511
September 30, 2008 No. I08-009 (R08-037)
Re: Excluding Passing Time in Calculating Instructional Time for Determining Average Daily Membership
September 29, 2008 No. I08-008 (R08-036)
Re: Application of Open Meeting Law to Meetings of Public Bodies Conducted Online
September 2, 2008 No. I08-007 (R08-027)
Re: Calculation of Average Daily Memberships by School Districts
August 18, 2008 No. I08-006 (R08-023)
Re: Election Procedures for School District Unification Elections
July 10, 2008 No. I08-005 (R08-022)
Re: Publicity Pamphlet Argument For or Against a School District Unification Plan
June 4, 2008 No. I08-004 (R08-005)
Re: Authority of the Arizona Commision for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to Establish Advisory Committee
March 20, 2008 No. I08-003 (R08-011)
Re: Development Plans Regarding Ancillary Military Facilities
March 18, 2008 No. I08-002 (R07-032)
Re: Availability of Funding for Water Lines Adjacent to District Property
March 11, 2008 No. I08-001 (R08-001)
Re: Effect of an Open Meeting Law Violation Concerning an Improperly Noticed Agenda Item on the Validity of Properly Noticed Agenda Items