Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



2004 AG Opinions

Date Description
December 3, 2004 No. I04-011 (R04-029)
Re: Inflation Adjustment of Square Footage Cost for New School Construction
November 12, 2004 No. I04-010 (R04-036)
Re: State and Local Public Health Benefits Subject to Proposition 200
September 13, 2004 No. I04-009 (R04-022)
Re: Child Care Licensing Exemption for Preschool Special Education Programs
September 10, 2004 No. I04-008 (R04-020)
Re: School Facilities Board Approval of Proposed Reductions in Square Footage of School Facilities
August 10, 2004 No. I04-007 (R04-018)
Re: Prorating Compensation of School Employees
July 20, 2004 No. I04-006 (R04-010)
Re: Charter Schools Operated by For-Profit Organizations
June 21, 2004 No. I04-005 (R04-013)
Re: Provisional Community College Districts and Reimbursements Under A.R.S. § 15-1469
June 3, 2004 No. I04-004 (R04-043)
Re: Partisan Primary Elections for Superior Court Judges
May 26, 2004 No. I04-003 (R04-003)
Re: Law Enforcement Interviews of Students at Public Schools
May 24, 2004 No. I04-002 (R04-008)
Re: Calculation of Student Count by a Joint Technological Education District
May 3, 2004 No. I04-001 (R03-020)
Re: Joint Underwriting Association