Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



2003 AG Opinions

Date Description
December 19, 2003 No. I03-011 (R03-041)
Re: Use of Building Renewal Fund Balances for Preventative Maintenance
December 15, 2003 No. I03-010 (R03-029)
Re: Clarification of the Rollover Provision in A.R.S. § 42-16002
December 3, 2003 No. I03-009 (R03-016)
Re: Arizona Board of Nursing Jurisdiction Over Licensees Who Practive Exclusively on Federal Enclaves
December 3, 2003 No. I03-008 (R03-036)
Re: Availability of Tax Credit for Fees Paid for Dental Care Provided to Students at a Public School
December 3, 2003 No. I03-007 (R03-028)
Re: Tribal Member Eligibility to Serve on Commission on Appellate Court Appointments
November 5, 2003 No. I03-006 (R03-024)
Re: Eligibility of Employees of Voluntary Associations to Participate in the Arizona State Retirement System
August 11, 2003 No. I03-005 (R03-024)
Re: Conflicts of Interest
August 4, 2003 No. I03-004 (R03-008)
Re: Fire District Services
July 30, 2003 No. I03-003 (R03-019)
Re: Campaign Finance Law
July 25, 2003 No. I03-002 (R03-010)
Re: Application of Proposition 203 to Charter Schools
July 21, 2003 No. I03-001 (R03-014)
Re: Guidelines Governing Waivers from English Immersion Programs