Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



2001 AG Opinions

Date Description
December 21, 2001 No. I01-024 (R01-044)
Re: Tax Exemption for Cemetary Property
December 20, 2001 No. I01-023 (R01-033)
Re: Water Infrastructure Finance Authority Loans to Indian Tribes
December 11, 2001 No. I01-022 (R01-036)
Re: Appointing Receivers for Residential Rental Property
November 28, 2001 No. I01-021 (R01-037)
Re: Emergency Expenditures
November 12, 2001 No. I01-020 (R01-048)
Re: Proposition 301 Increases in Education Funding
September 24, 2001 No. I01-019 (R01-034)
Re: Legislative Term Limits I
August 1, 2001 No. I01-018 (R00-056)
Re: Retirees in the Corrections Officer Retirement Plan
July 24, 2001 No. I01-017 (R01-029)
Re: School District Discretion Regarding Teacher Base Salary Increases from Classroom Site Fund
July 20, 2001 No. I01-016 (R01-025)
Re: Impact of Legislation Regarding Military Airports on Schools
June 29, 2001 No. I01-015 (R00-082)
Re: Workforce Development Account as Local Revenues to Community Colleges
June 21, 2001 No. I01-014 (R01-020)
Re: Definition of Teacher under A.R.S. § 15-977
May 21, 2001 No. I01-013 (R01-002)
Re: Fire District Annexations
May 21, 2001 No. I01-012 (R00-081)
Re: County Authority to Enact Ordinances
May 14, 2001 No. I01-011 (R00-053)
Re: Authority to Prohibit State Employees from Possessing Weapons While on Duty
May 14, 2001 No. I01-010 (R01-016)
Re: Exemptions from State Merit System
March 8, 2001 No. I01-009 (R01-001)
Re: Board Member Conflict of Interest
March 6, 2001 No. I01-008 (R00-072)
Re: Proposition 204
February 21, 2001 No. I01-007 (R00-085)
Re: Classroom Site Fund
February 15, 2001 No. I01-006 (R00-062)
Re: Application of Proposition 203 to Schools Serving the Navajo Nation
February 1, 2001 No. I01-005 (R00-061)
Re: Approval for Clean Elections Funding
January 23, 2001 No. I01-004 (R00-043)
Re: Employer Early Retirement Program Benefits
January 16, 2001 No. I01-003 (R00-076)
Re: Implementation Time Line for Proposition 203
January 3, 2001 No. I01-002 (R00-075)
Re: Building Renewal Fund
January 2, 2001 No. I01-001 (R00-071)
Re: Corporation Commission Membership