Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



2000 AG Opinions

Date Description
December 22, 2000 No. I00-031 (R00-047)
Re: Ban on Lobbyists Paying for Entertainment for State Officers or Employees
December 18, 2000 No. I00-030 (R00-028)
Re: Sex Offender Registration Requirements
December 11, 2000 No. I00-029 (R00-037)
Re: Excess Utility Savings
December 8, 2000 No. I00-028 (R00-042)
Re: Disposition of Income from State Trust Lands
October 31, 2000 No. I00-027 (R00-049)
Re: Testing for English Language Proficiency
October 31, 2000 No. I00-026 (R00-048)
Re: Individual Education Programs for Limited English Proficient Students
October 23, 2000 No. I00-025 (R00-033)
Re: State Income Taxation of Members of the Arizona National Guard
October 20, 2000 No. I00-024 (R00-029)
Re: Contractor's Recovery Fund
September 15, 2000 No. I00-023 (R00-013)
Re: State Funding for Students in Early Kindergarten and Early First Grades
September 15, 2000 No. I00-022 (R00-021)
Re: School District Expenditures for Membership Duties
September 15, 2000 No. I00-021 (R00-045)
Re: Use of Private Contractor to Provide School District Teachers and Administrators
September 11, 2000 No. I00-020 (R00-027)
Re: Use of City or County Funds to Educate the Public on Ballot Measures
August 11, 2000 No. I00-019 (R00-038)
Re: Constitutionality of the Arizona Open Primary Law
June 27, 2000 No. I00-018 (R00-020)
Re: Indemnification of Members of the Governing Committee for Tax Deferred Annuities and Deferred Compensation Plans
June 27, 2000 No. I00-017 (R00-030)
Re: Transfer of Students FIRST Funds by State Treasurer
June 22, 2000 No. I00-016 (R99-063)
Re: Surcharges on Monetary Assessments Imposed for Juvenile Offenses
June 22, 2000 No. I00-015 (R99-045)
Re: Surcharges on Local Administrative Fees and Forfeitures
June 22, 2000 No. I00-014 (R97-036)
Re: Senate Confirmation of Public Officers Nominated by the Governor
June 20, 2000 No. I00-013 (R00-026)
Re: Decisions Concerning Relatives of School Board Members
May 17, 2000 No. I00-012 (R00-015)
Re: Special Education Services for Home-Schooled Students
May 9, 2000 No. I00-011 (R00-006)
Re: State Plumbing Code
May 4, 2000 No. I00-010 (R00-016)
Re: School District Early Retirement Plans
May 2, 2000 No. I00-009 (R99-013)
Re: Applicability of Open Meeting Law to Corporate Board of Directors of a Charter School Operator
May 1, 2000 No. I00-008 (R00-011)
Re: Fund-raising by Legislators for Political Organizations During Regular Sessions
May 1, 2000 No. I00-007 (R99-048)
Re: Expenditures of an Elected Official's Personal Money for Constituent Communications
April 6, 2000 No. I00-006 (R99-062)
Re: Acquisition of Land for School Sites
March 30, 2000 No. I00-005 (R00-010)
Re: Conditions Relating to Contributions of Land or Money to Public Schools
March 16, 2000 No. I00-004 (R99-018)
Re: Importation of Citrus for Packing in Arizona
February 2, 2000 No. I00-003 (R99-061)
Re: Workers Compensation Coverage of Search and Rescue Volunteers on Training Missions
January 28, 2000 No. I00-002 (R99-037)
Re: Applicability of Sate Statutes to the Operations of Bicycles
January 19, 2000 No. I00-001 (R99-051)
Re: Reports of Non-Participating Candidates Under the Citizens Clean Elections Act