Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



1999 AG Opinions

Date Description
December 30, 1999 No. I99-030 (R99-036)
Re: Authorized Uses of the Work Force Recruitment and Job Training Fund
December 28, 1999 No. I99-029 (R99-050)
Re: Enforcement of Lobbyist Fee Imposed by Clean Elections Act
December 17, 1999 No. I99-028 (R99-042)
Re: Contribution Requirement for Purchase of Tickets to Athletic Events at a State University
December 13, 1999 No. I99-027 (R99-034)
Re: Grant Anticipation Notes
December 9, 1999 No. I99-026 (R99-041)
Re: Authority of the Arizona Department of Transportation to Borrow Funds
December 3, 1999 No. I99-025 (R99-049)
Re: Arizona's Open Primary Law and the Presidential Preference Election
November 24, 1999 No. I99-024 (R99-053)
Re: School District Procurement of Architectural Services
November 9, 1999 No. I99-023 (R99-030)
Re: Retiree Accumulated Sick Leave Program
October 26, 1999 No. I99-022 (R99-042)
Re: Student Readmission Procedures
October 19, 1999 No. I99-021 (R99-026)
Re: Lease of School District Property; Extended-day Kindergarten Program Charges
October 6, 1999 No. I99-020 (R99-005)
Re: Application of Arizona's Conflict of Interest Laws to the Spouse of Public Officers Employees
September 28, 1999 No. I99-019 (R99-029)
Re: The Design of Gold Courses as the Practice of Landscape Architecture
September 16, 1999 No. I99-018 (R99-031)
Re: School Council Membership
August 27, 1999 No. I99-017 (R99-024)
Re: Charter School Aid and Expenses
August 20, 1999 No. I99-016 (R99-035)
Re: Application of Prohibited Possessor Statute to a Person on Unsupervised Probation for a Misdemeanor Conviction
July 30, 1999 No. I99-015 (R99-010)
Re: Arizona Board of Regents and Design-Build Construction Projects
July 6, 1999 No. I99-014 (R99-016)
Re: Personnel Administration by the Department of Administration
June 4, 1999 No. I99-013 (R99-023)
Re: New Slate of Candidates for Appointment to the Citizens Clean Election Commission
May 11, 1999 No. I99-012 (R99-014)
Re: Appointments to the Board of Appraisal
May 11, 1999 No. I99-011 (R99-009)
Re: University Tuition Rates
April 13, 1999 No. I99-010 (R99-011)
Re: Affidavit of Petition Circulators Filed with the Secretary of State
April 2, 1999 No. I99-009 (R99-007)
Re: Amended Campaign Finance Reports
March 17, 1999 No. I99-008 (R00-007)
Re: Investment of Permanent Land Fund Monies in an Investment Pool
March 12, 1999 No. I99-007 (R99-003)
Re: Tax Consequences on Purchases by the National Guard's Property and Fiscal Officer
March 5, 1999 No. I99-006 (R99-002)
Re: Open Meeting Law - Use of an Open Call to the Public
February 26, 1999 No. I99-005 (R99-012)
Re: Heritage Fund Grants
February 25, 1999 No. I99-004 (R99-008)
Re: Payment of Salaries of Justices of the Peace Pro Tempore
January 7, 1999 No. I99-003 (R98-025)
Re: Use of Highway User Revenue Funds
January 7, 1999 No. I99-002 (R98-026)
Re: Budgets for Joint Technological Education Districts
January 7, 1999 No. I99-001 (R99-001)
Re: Legislative Salaries & Per Diem Reimbursement (Proposition 302)