Arizona Attorney General

Mark Brnovich



What To Do If You Suspect or Know of a Meth Lab

Your knowledge and quick action can assist law enforcement personnel in closing down dangerous drug labs and preventing serious injuries and deaths of innocent children. If you have reason to suspect the manufacturing of meth, especially where children may be involved, please call 911, or contact your local law enforcement office immediately and provide them with a detailed description of what you observed that made you think a meth lab may be operating. If possible, provide the name of the suspects, their address and license plate numbers. Remember, meth labs are very dangerous, so keep your distance.

Danger may be present not only from the toxic and combustible chemicals used to make meth, but those involved in its illegal production may use firearms, explosives and booby traps to protect the secrecy of their operation. Touching drug lab chemicals or breathing their fumes can cause sickness, permanent injury and even death. Actions such as knocking over a container, lighting a cigarette or switching on electrical equipment may be enough to trigger an explosion. Uncovering and investigating meth labs are some of the most dangerous situations encountered by law enforcement personnel. Initially, investigating officers were poorly prepared for handling exposure to meth lab toxins, resulting in injuries and illness. Today, meth lab investigators have extensive training and are required to wear protective gear before entering a suspected drug lab.

Image of chemist working outside a meth lab. Click to enlarge.A loaded sawed-off gun found at a meth lab. Click image to enlarge.