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Current procurement opportunities are advertised on the Arizona State Procurement web site. Please follow this link to view opportunities.

ProcureAZ - State Procurement Website

Request for Grant Application - AZAG Settlement Grants

The Office of the Attorney General posts Requests for Grant Application’s (RFGA’s) on ProcureAZ, the state’s procurement website. In order to apply for a settlement grant, you must be registered with ProcureAZ and file through the site. 

Current solicitations are listed below:


Project #AG16-0051

DESCRIPTION: Homeless Housing Support Programs

Close Date: 8/19/2016 at 3:00 pm

PURPOSE: To address the need for housing and supportive services for homeless children, adults and families and to prevent persons who are at risk of homelessness from becoming homeless.

This Request for Grant Application (RFGA) is available through the State of Arizona Electronic Procurement System, ProcureAZ. The site is found at; use the solicitation number above to find the solicitation.

Outside Counsel Services

The Office of the Attorney General normally advertises a Request for Proposal (RFP) once per year for Outside Counsel Services in accordance with A.R.S. §41-2538.

Contracts are awarded for a one year period on an "as needed, if needed basis". No guarantee is made that any work will be assigned. 

The RFP is usually announced in the fall of each year. Current RFP Announcements, when available, will be posted to this site. 

Should you wish to be added to the potential bidders list, please e-mail with your contact information. It is strongly encouraged to also register as a vendor with the Arizona State Procurement Office at

Contingency Fee Contracts

Arizona Revised Statute §41-4803 requires the Office of the Arizona Attorney General to post Contingency Fee Contracts. The current contracts may be found by following this link:

AG15-0026 Contract For GM Matter - Hagens Berman
AG15-0026 Attorney General Determination as per ARS 41-4802

AG16-0040 Outside Counsel Contract - VW Class Action
AG16-0040 AG Determination in Accordance w/ ARS 41-4802

Arizona Revised Statute §41-4803 requires the Office of the Arizona Attorney General to post any payments made under a Contingency Fee Contract.