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Current procurement opportunities are advertised on the Arizona State Procurement web site. Please follow this link to view opportunities.

ProcureAZ - State Procurement Website

Outside Counsel Services

Outside Counsel Solicitation Process for Calendar Year 2016
In an effort to simplify the Outside Counsel Solicitation process, the Office of the Arizona Attorney General is offering the option to renew last year’s 2015 contract award. Please review the instructions below to determine the appropriate process for your firm.
Contract Extension
The contract extension process is designed for awarded firms on contracts AG15-0001 and AG15-0068 that will not need to make changes to their awarded areas of law or current hourly rates from the CY2015 contract year. Any changes to the awarded areas of law and/or hourly rates will require a new proposal to be submitted through the Request for Proposal (RFP) process. Other firm information can be updated through the extension process. Please review the required attachments for extension submittal instructions.
Request for Proposal (RFP)
CY2016 Request for Proposal (RFP) – Outside Counsel Services is now available. If your firm was not awarded a contract for Calendar Year 2015 or requires changes not covered through the extension process, please review the required attachments for proposal submittal instructions. The Office of the Attorney General advertises a Request for Proposal (RFP) for Outside Counsel services in accordance with A.R.S. § 41-2538.
All solicitations are due no later than October 14, 2015 at 3:00PM (Local Arizona Time). Any responses received after this time will not be accepted. All questions should be directed to 602-542-8030 or Contracts awarded will be effective until December 31, 2016 on an “as needed, if needed basis.” No guarantee is made that any work will be assigned. Any solicitation amendments will be posted below and are the bidders responsibility. Should you wish to be added to the potential bidders list please send an e-mail, with your contact information to You should also register with the Arizona State Procurement Office at ProcureAZ.

Contingency Fee Contracts

Arizona Revised Statute §41-4803 requires the Office of the Arizona Attorney General to post Contingency Fee Contracts. The current contracts may be found by following this link:

AG15-0026 Contract For GM Matter - Hagens Berman
AG15-0026 Attorney General Determination as per ARS 41-4802

Arizona Revised Statute §41-4803 requires the Office of the Arizona Attorney General to post any payments made under a Contingency Fee Contract.